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15 Jan, 2013

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Hamster Chase is the story of a family of happy hamsters trying to make their way home while on the run from evil Sour Puss. Help Sasha, Goldie, Snowflake and Ting-Ting follow the trail of seeds by guiding them around obstacles in 100 challenging levels! Avoid the holes, dodge the flying balls, run from the spinning tops, veer away from the vacuums, and even do battle with Sour Puss himself using spring-loaded boxing gloves :) You can even replay levels to earn trophies for best times, and share the fun with your friends on Twitter and Facebook! The fun doesn't end there: also included is an exciting virtual hamster cage. Watch hamsters fly off...er, run on their wheel, play hide and seek, and tap on the cage to make them jump! Did we mention they also tell jokes? Get your copy of Hamster Chase today, and help them get home!


Hamster Chase was inspired by a mini-challenge in the mobile game Tiltz By Gamieon where players had to tilt their smartphones to cause colored marbles to fall into their respective goals. Instead of colored marbles on a wooden Labyrinth table, it would be hamster balls being guided to their respective seed piles in a friendly landscape. Hamster Chase was developed in 2012 by Christopher Haag of Gamieon and Meta3D studios, the latter entity providing all of the artwork. The release consisted of a free monetized Android version, a free monetized iOS version and a full iOS version with no ads. The press release blast was performed by NovyPR. Hamster Chase accumulated 10,000 downloads in its initial release week. Downloads tapered off from that point. Updates were few and far between. Eventually the iOS versions were condensed into a single monetized version, and players were given the ability to create, share and play their own custom levels. Hamster hats were also introduced, and were only for show. As of August 2015, Hamster Chase has had almost 50,000 downloads on Google Play and 32,000 downloads on the App Store.


  • Colorful, cartoony graphics
  • 100 standard levels
  • Build, share and play your own custom levels
  • Interactive hamster cage
  • Facebook and Twitter integration


Hamster Chase YouTube, .mp4


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured by AppAdvice as one of January's Best Apps" January 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Hamster Chase is a smart, delightful little game. Only those with hearts of stone will be able to resist its charms."
    - Jordan Minor, 148apps
  • "Hamster Chase deserves a five star rating due to its intuitive controls, colorful and cute graphics, and it is very easy to use."
    - Kirsten Griffin, applatter
  • "I think this is a fabulously simple, fun game."
    - Rebecca MacLary, appPicker

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