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October 26, 2004


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Gamieon is a privately owned entertainment software development company located in Tampa, Florida. Since October 2004, Gamieon has provided quality video game software emphasizing both intellectual and action-driven gameplay. With four releases spanning the mobile and desktop platforms, and more than 300,000 total downloads including beta distributions, Gamieon has demonstrated its talent for producing exceptional games.


Early history

Gamieon was founded in 2004 by Christopher Haag during the development of his unique 3D physics desktop puzzle game "Dominoze." Christopher worked as Gamieon's only developer on a part-time basis while outsourcing art, sound and design assets as needed. Funding was provided both out of pocket and from a private investor and good friend. After years of work, a beta version of Dominoze was taken to GDC 2010 and shown to other studio heads and publishers. Based in part on their feedback, it was decided that Dominoze could reach its potential through a redesign as a mobile game under the Unity3D engine. Dominoze was placed on hold while other smaller mobile projects were pursued.

Gamieon 2010-2013

In the four years of time that followed the GDC 2010 conference, Christopher created and released four major mobile games while continuing to develop alone on a part-time basis and outsource asset development as needed. "Tiltz," a simple game where players guide falling marbles into a barrel, was released in October 2010. A year later Gamieon released the hit arcade shooter/pinball mashup "Hyperspace Pinball" which accumulated over 100,000 downloads to date on Google Play alone. In January 2013 Gamieon released its third mobile game "Hamster Chase," an accelerometer-driven puzzle game which earned 10,000 downloads in its opening week alone. At the end of that same year "Domino Arena," an online competitive puzzle game, was relased onto supported tablet devices.

Gamieon 2014

Following a string of mobile releases, Christopher slowed down new development and spent much of 2014 maintaining existing games as well as learning new game development technologies; including the Unreal 4 engine. He rapidly produced several prototypes including a dungeon crawler named Cave Hunter and a battle soccer simulator with AI named Battle Soccer.

Gamieon 2015-2016

In February 2015 Valve Software approved a desktop version of Hyperspace Pinball for distribution on the Steam platform. In the seven months that followed, the game was given a major upgrade in both graphics and game play. It was released on Steam on September 30 2015. It was initially a small success, but software update just over a month later introduced critical bugs which threatened its viability. Those bugs were quickly resolved. In 2016 Christopher focused on remaking Tiltz to meet the quality standards of a newer mobile gaming audience. It was subsequently re-released in September of that year.



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