It wasn't until recently that I learned the value of posting animated images on Twitter when sharing progress updates of my games. They give readers a better understanding of what you're doing than text or still images, and increases their interest and engagement.


Here are the tools I use to get the job done:

  • VirtualDub


Here are the steps:

  • Launch FRAPS
  • Record the part of the game I want people to see
  • Close FRAPS
  • Open VirtualDub and load the recording into it
  • Figure out which frames of the video look best and delete the rest of the frames. All that's left should be a couple seconds worth of footage usually.
  • Go to Video -> Filters -> Add... and choose null transform. Then click Cropping... and crop out the uninteresting parts of it (this is usually the Unity editor window frame).
  • Go to File -> Export -> Animated GIF... and export the video.
  • Look at the GIF size. Although 5 MB is the limit I'm told, I'll trim and crop the video further if it's more than 4 MB. 
  • Post the GIF in your Tweet along with a very brief description and good hashtags.