Hello and welcome to my devblog! I'm Christopher Haag; founder, CEO, programmer, webmaster, designer, quality assurance manager and jack of all trades at Gamieon. Gamieon is an independent studio consisting of just myself and an investor who helps me keep it running.

I'm the proud developer of five released games (six if you count both major versions of Hyperspace Pinball) and seven unfinished betas/prototypes. Most of those games were developed in the past six years though I've been working on games for over two decades and programming for three. While I mainly do the design, programming and testing; I've had plenty of contract help with art, sound development and marketing from many talented individuals over the years.

You can see all my projects at http://www.gamieon.com/games

I don't blog often; but when I do, I prefer to write either about a work in progress or an informative "how-to" that other developers can benefit from.

So stay tuned and remember to tell your friends to watch for exciting gaming updates and helpful development tips to come from Gamieon!